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Olarm Pro Nemtek 4G

Model: OLARM-PRO-Nemtek

15% VAT incl.
15% VAT incl.

Olarm Pro 4G is a multi-channel dual SIM 4G and WiFi communicator. 
It enables the monitoring and control of a wide range of security peripherals, enabling users to effectivelry manage systmes, such as alarm panels and electric fences.
This market leading smart security communicator keeps you secure. With simultaneous Mobile + WiFi signal routing, serious alerts are always delivered via the quickest possible connection for ultimate reliability.
Enables the alarm user to control their alarm from the Olarm App.

1 meter cable included

App-Controlled Monitoring
Gain full control over your security devices with real-time alerts, status updates, and remote access through the Olarm APP.
Enhanced Connectivity
Benefit from built-in 4G, 2.4GHz WiFi, and up to 5 different network options for maximum network coverage with Olarm-managed SIM cards.
Unified Security Integration
With support for 25+ alarm panels and electric fences, the Olarm PRO 4G allows you to manage multiple properties and devices within one app.
Enhanced Connectivity for Robust Security
Hassle-free Setup
Automate panel detection and simplify setup with the Olarm PRO 4G.
Swift Installation
With one cable, the Olarm PRO 4G installation is swift and straightforward.
Automated Updates
Firmware updates without the need to request or pay for the them.
Efficient Troubleshooting
Minimise downtime with LED lights for efficient on-site troubleshooting.
Reliable Signal Routing
Ensure prompt responses with reliable signal routing to alarm centres.
Elegant Design
Experience high-quality security solutions with a sleek, locally-manufactured design.

See Olarm Page for Installation and Compatibility 

WiFi and Dual & GSM (MTN & Vodacom) connectivity (SIM cards included)
Simultaneous Multi-Path Signal routing to monitoring / armed response company
Multiple Brands Supported – Supports Texecom, Paradox, IDS and DSC alarm panels
Super simple setup - with one cable makes installation of Olarm PRO quick and effortless to install.
Future-proof - automatic over-the-air OS updates the Olarm PRO is always up to date.
Smart Enabled - With Olarm PRO you can drop the panel and use the Olarm App to control the alarm system.

Olarm Pro - Connector Cable sold in 1 meter & 8 meter separately

At date of publishing the Olarm app pricing:
6 Month subscription R 349 incl VAT
12 Month subscription R 649 incl VAT
24 Month subscription R 1099 incl VAT
Signal routing to your armed response is also available - discuss with your armed response.

Supplementary Files Click below to Download

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