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Paradox ZX22 433Mhz

Model: ZX22

R 799.25
15% VAT incl.

Paradox ZX22 2 zone transmitter - 433Mhz only

2-Zone Input Wireless Module with System Tamper Feature

The Paradox ZX22 is a new product designed to allow hardwired security detection devices the ability to connect wirelessly to a Paradox Security system.

Power: The voltage can range between 3vDC -15vDC.
Frequency: Available in 433Mhz Only (Until further notice).
Inputs(Zones):2-Hardwired Zones can be wired and transmit as 2 separate wireless zones.
Tamper: A tamper terminal is available to enable system tamper signals (sperate to zone signals).

Low Battery: Low battery is monitored every 12 hours. A low battery is monitored for:
When operating at 3vDC – Low battery will transmit at 2.5vDC
When operating at 9vDC – Low battery will transmit at 6.7vDC
When operating at 12vDC – Low battery will transmit at 10.5vDC 

Ideal for using it with wireless passives like Optex or Takex, inside gate motors monitoring gate status or alarms, electric fencing energizers

Batteries not included

MG5050 V4.92 and higher
SP6000 V7.14 and higher (with RTX3)
SP65 V5.40 and higher (with RTX3)
EVO192 and EVOHD V7.31 and higher (with RTX3)
Babyware V5.4.8 and higher
Infield V5.5.2 and higher


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