Programming DSC Wireless

This section is all about adding wireless detectors and wireless door contacts to DSC 1808/1832 and 1864 control panels.

This should take you about 5 minutes, if not sure - DO NOT attempt programming system, get an alarm engineer to program and set up system as you could render your system inoperable

If at any time you think you made a mistake  - rather press # # # and restart programming locations

We will assume that there is an DSC RF5132 wireless receiver already installed and you need to add wireless zones to e.g. zone 16, 17 and 18 all to be instant zones

Step 1: Page 29

Zone programming needs to be done for each new zone.

See page 29 inside installation guide for zone definitions.

Make a numbered list of how your zones need to operate e.g. zone 1 = Delay 1, zone 2 = instant.... Do this for all the zones(see page 11 for full description)


Step 2: Page 30

As per step 1 either you do new zone definitions or copy the information that is already programmed so that only new zones will be programmed.

Start off by entering installer mode by entering * 8 and installers code

The keypad will indicate 3 underscores waiting for a section input

Enter 001 (for zone definitions 01 to 16)

The keypad will then display a 2 digit number indicating the current programmed value

Starting with zone 01 we want to advance to zone 16, so using the arrow key right - one press advances to the next digit or simply enter the current value displayed one by one counting the zones up to reaching zone 16

Enter 03(for instant) - keypad will beep a few times exiting location 001

The keypad once again will display 3 underscores waiting for location input

So for zones 17 and 18 enter 002 and you will start to program zones 17 to 32

Enter then 03 , 03 and press the # button

The keypad once again will display 3 underscores waiting for section input


Step 3: Page 39

Enter 203 and make sure no. 8 is turned on, press 8 to turn on and press #

Enter 204 and make sure no. 1 and 2 is on, press 1 and 2 to turn on and press #

Zones 16, 17 and 18 is now enabled.


Step 4: Page 35

Enter 116 and make sure number 8 is on, press # and the same for 117 and 118


Step 5:

Now enter section 804

This location only deals with the wireless sensors

The keypad will display 2 underscores waiting for location input

Enter 16 for zone 16

Enter ESN serial number - 6 digits long

If serial number contains - A, B, C, D, E, or a F enter * 1 * for A, * 2 * for B, * 3 * for C * 4 * for D * 5 * for E and * 5 * for F

Do the above for zones 17 and 18

When finished entering ESN for 18, press #  and # again to exit


Step 6: Test wireless range

We want to make sure the sensor will be in wireless range - press the following

Enter * 8 installers code

Enter 904 and then the two digit zone number to start zone placement test before mounting sensor

Do this for all wireless zones pressing # and the next wireless zone number.

If keypad display Bad, relocate the sensor as signal loss will be imminent

Press # # # to exit programming


Once finished testing, mount sensors and once again to change zone description enter * 8 and installers code, press * and the 016 for zone 16 - refer to keypad manual. The keypad numbers works then the same as a cell phone pad

To save the description press *

Once finished press # # # to exit programming mode

The above is also for adding wireless Optex VX402R, wireless Optex BX80N, wireless passives, wireless door contacts, smoke detectors and so on

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