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Paradox Info

Paradox alarm systems

Paradox alarm systems is the most advanced alarm control panel available with jam packed features
Paradox EVO control panels is upgradeable to even incorporate full access control measures
Paradox EVO 192 is our first choice of alarm systems in larger security applications
Paradox is the first to introduce Magellan transceiver technology for two way wireless communication between devices
Remote alarm and access control management via SMS, internet or Babyware software


Paradox 5050 alarm control panel

For residential alarms installations we would example install the Paradox 5050 control panel which already got a built-in-wireless transceiver
Control panel supports up to 32 wired or wireless zones configurations
Use with Paradox REM2 remote control with build in 2 way transceiver
5 on-board hardwired zone inputs (10 with ATZ)
4 on-board PGM outputs, positive or negative triggering (PGM4 only)

paradox 5050 alarm

Paradox VDMP3 Plug-In Voice Module


Voice-guided menu Dial up to 5 telephone numbers to report a burglar, panic or fire alarm using prerecorded messages

Control PGM’s and toggle utility keys remotely via telephone Arm/disarm the system remotely via telephone

Connects directly onto the control panel Compatible with Spectra SP series, MG5050 and EVO control panels

In-field firmware upgradeable via a 307USB and Babyware


paradox vdmp3 module

Paradox PCS 250 GSM - Alarm SMS

Report alarm signals via text messages (SMS):

Select which event groups will send SMS messages to up to 8 cell phones

Each text message contains a detailed description of the event including:
site name, date, time and any associated labels, such as area, zone and serial number

The description of each system event is pre-defined in the PCS250
Arm/disarm (SMS):
End users can arm or disarm the system by sending a text message (SMS) to the PCS250

Voice reporting:
The PCS250 supports the use of the Paradox Plug-In Voice Module (VDMP3) to send pre-recorded voice messages to up to 8 phone numbers to report alarms

The VDMP3 is plugged directly on the PCS250 - when the VDMP3 is present, the end user can also arm/disarm, request system status and control PGMs using a voice-guided menu

End users can add or change phone numbers from alarm keypad and change wheter alarms only, trouble conditions only or both to be sent per cell number entered

paradox pcs100 sms

Paradox 8-Zone Expansion Module

Adding additional 8 zones to system (limited amount per system)
1 PGM output
Compatible with Spectra, Spectra SP Series, MG5050 - ZX8SP

and EVO control panels - ZX8

paradox expander

Wide range of keypads to suit any installation

Choose from traditional wired or wireless keypads
Magellan wireless 32 zone keypads for 5050 control panels and MG6250 Consoles
Standard one onboard zone input

The newest TM50 touch keypad is also now available.

paradox lcd evo keypad
paradox keypad
paradox k32 keypad

Babyware Installer Upload/Download Software

Connect to WinLoad via a GPRS connection at data rates of up to 48Kbit/s with a PCS module

Supports TCP/IP connections through the IP100

User-friendly programming and monitoring of the Digiplex EVO, Magellan, Spectra SP Series and E55/65 control panels and modules
Remote uploading and downloading using most standard modems at 300 baud

On-site (local) uploading and downloading at 57.6k baud (Magellan console), 38.4k baud (EVO) or 9.6k baud (E55/65, MG5000, MG5050 and Spectra SP) using a 307USB Direct Connect Interface (60m/200ft) or a CV4USB Converter (300m/ 1000ft)

In-field upgrading feature that allows WinLoad to upgrade the firmware of certain control panels/modules via a 307USB interface or a CV4USB converter

Multiple users, groups, and databases

Network-compatible database

Advanced printing of reports and zone/user programming

Supports several languages simultaneously

paradoxbabyware software

Practical layout for Paradox EVO192 alarm systems


paradox Download Paradox 2016 full catalog (19MB)
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