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Roboguard complete wireless alarm and complete perimeter protection

Roboguard HQ

Each RoboGuard system comprises an HQ, plus individual RoboGuard outdoor beams, covering large areas of your property
The Roboguard HQ can be connected to your alarm system or used as a pordiv early warning device

The RoboGuard has a detection range of 20 meters at 110º
The range from the HQ to each RoboGuard is 400 meters.

A repeater station can be added if the transmitting range is poor or can be doubled up to 800 meters from and to the RoboGuard HQ

This could be you first line of detection whether you are living in at a small cottage or on a large property
Outdoor detection always gives the user a window of opportunity to make that one emergency call - with a pre warning you will have the upper hand when you are at danger

roboguard hq kit

RoboGuard Outdoor Beam

Each RoboGuard senses the presence of a intruder at 20 meters in an arc of 110°

Two Dual-Element Passive Infra-Red Sensors

The Roboguard is housed in a Poly-Carb abs plastic blend and provides a robust, weather proof protection

Anti tamper switch protects RoboGuard detectors even when it is switched off

UHF surface acoustic wave resonator ensures “spot on” reliable radio communication through walls and steel structures.

Algorithm selection for intruder detection almost completely eliminates false alarms. Choose from a selection of algorithms to cater for: extreme weather, large birds etc.

30 micro-amp current consumption 8xC type batteries give extended life (2+ years typically)

Due to wireless nature nearly impervious to lightning

roboguard beam

The Ultimate Wireless Early Warning System

The RoboGuard are installed in suidiv locations throughout your property where they carry out their lifesaving mission – to detect and report all intruders’ 24-hours a day
Each RoboGuard detector has an individual signal that is used by the Roboguard HQ or receiver for zone identification, once activated the HQ will both give you an audible and visual indication

Up to eight RoboGuards can be connected to the HQ and monitored for individual tamper, alarm and 20 minute auto-test

roboguard remote

Roboguard HQ 8 Zone

HQ can take up to eight RoboGuards with individual zone, tamper and supervision LED’s
HQ has a burglar connection that needs to be connected to a zone on the alarm panel to function. An onboard buzzer allows you to monitor your RoboGuards even when your alarm is turned off

roboguard receiver hq

The HQ can monitor eight RoboGuards with individual intruder detected, tamper detect and supervision LED’s together with audible warning sounds
The HQ has five output switches to connect to other devices, one that can switch 1AMP the other four, 40ma.[siren, cell module, lights, burglar alarm, radio transmitters]
The HQ also incorporates remote arming, disarming, panic and auxiliary via the RoboGuard four button pendant transmitter
The HQ functions off its resident NiMH 6v battery and has 10-12 hours of autonomy with a twenty five hour charge cycle
Incorporated with the HQ is the battery charger, a removable cable for the output switches and an Allan key to disassemble
The HQ can monitor other devices via the RoboGuard universal transmitter which will "mimic" the RoboGuard signal (electric fence, burglar alarm, and other types of sensor).
With the on board UHF receiver and resident speaker the mobile HQ is extremely flexible and can be used in many applications

roboguard hq unit

Mounting brackets is included with each new Robogaurd.
7 Ah Power pack can be used to power sirens or other power requirements - purchased seprately
This is an add-on to your system giving you the option to power-up external light(s) when one of your sensors is triggered


Roboguard Kit

Roboguard starters kit Kit includes:
1 X Roboguard beam
Beam colour available in black, white and green

1 x RoboGuard HQ (Base Station)
A pordiv 8 zone base-station used to receive and announce signals from up to 8 Roboguard Sensors
The HQ can also be wired to a siren and/or an alarm panel.

Arm/disarm with a roboguard remote
1 x 4 Button remote

1 x Power supply with backup battery
1 x Mini siren
Free 1 x Pro mounting bracket


roboguard inside
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