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Insight Gold iParadox and Setup

Insight Gold and iParadox app

paradox - iphoneparadox iphone

Have your Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or iPad 3G operate your Paradox alarm system.
Requires using Paradox IP150 module and internet router connection

Common features for Lite and Full version
Compatible with all MGSP control panels
Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, iPad 3G
View system status (zones and partitions)
Displays alarm memory
Displays system troubles
Functions via Wi-Fi or 3G
Connects with static or dynamic IP (

Features for Full version only:
Arm/disarm the system remotely
Control up to 16 PGM outputs
Customizable PGM labels

System Requirements
- IP100 V5.03 and higher
- EVO192, MG5050 or Spectra Series panels
- iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, iPad 3G, Android

Software is available for download at iTunes/Google Play stores
Lite version free and full version is purchasable at iTunes/Google Play stores

IP150 is connected with a RJ45 CAT5 network cable to your internet enabled router.

Setting up IP150 quick guide only for versions 4 and higher:

Ip150 Version 4.3 and higher setup: Click here for setup manual - IP150 version 4.3 and above

Only use Insight Gold app to setup your IP150 module!
Do not adjust port settings or port forwarding on your router, do not try to change settings on IP150 via browser(will not work).
Plug cables into IP150 and router, wait min or two, use app further from there

IP150 with versions  version 3.9 and lower using the iParadox app has reached end of life!
However, the following instructions is for version 3.9 and lower:

1) Plug module into Serial port on Paradox panel.
IP150 module is then connected via CAT5 to you network Telkom internet router

2) Install and open IP_Explore tools program.
If any PC Windows firewalls/antivirus is running remember to allow on network.

3)IP150 module will be automatically detected and will show MAC Address and IP address, if not shown check network cables.
To the right your IP details will be given
(User can right click on module sitename to change IP address and port numbers assigned to module.)

4)Note down the IP address and enter this address into browser like Internet Explorer or Chrome.
Loging with username - that is your master code you arm/disarm with and then password on new installations is paradox

5)Once logged in you must change the password!! Important

6)Navigate to IP150 configuration then set DHCP to No
Enter static IP address(later this is best for port forwarding), make sure this new address will be in router's available range.
Change port numbers if desired(recommended as router is using port 80 or 8080).

Same page enable selecting Yes and Polling time at 5 minutes
The polling time on GPRS routers is recommended at 5 minutes, ADSL it can be set to a longer time or leave as is.

Other further settings is not required for setup so you can logout on IP150

7) Next is to setup your router port forwarding, changes is most often related to firewall port forwarding settings in router.
Basically what needs to happen is when a incoming connection is made from the internet your router will check the port number requested and then with with the firewall rules setup it then will forward the incoming connection to the IP150's IP selected.
With all the available routers on the market you will need to check your manual for the router to set this up

The above part is very important else communication will not work with your app.

8)Once completed check that your port is open by going to website, enter the port number allocated for the IP150 and test.
If you get Success your router is setup correctly, if failed go back to your router port forwarding settings and correct.

9)Create account at and follow activation steps
Set your preferred sitename and few other details.

10) Go back to your IP_Exploring tools program, right click on your module detected and select Register to Paradoxmyhome

11) Purchase and download app on your App store
Add new Site and enter site names, select use DNS and save

You can add 2nd site if desired for local WiFi connection - select use IP address and enter the IP150 module Ip address in here

12) Enjoy

Important web browsers! if you changed Port numbers to something else you need to add the port number to the address in web browser e.g.
If you enabled https, enter https:// at the beginning of your ip address

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