Programming IPCOM

How to program and add a Tececom IPcom to your Texecom system

Plug in IPcom to Serial Port 1

Enter installe mode -

1234 as default installer code

Press 1234 menu 9
press 76
Will show Download Menu

press 2
now enter the UDL password ie 1523 (can be anything) and press yes
Will show Download Menu

IPcom plugged into COM1 onto panel
Press 5
press 3
Will show Download Menu

press 6
Set the COMIP to static ip with port 10001
enter value 19216800103010001
Will show Download Menu

press 7
then your route default IP address ie
enter that value as 192168001001
Will show Download Menu

press 8
press 008
Will show Download Menu

Press menu
Press 99

Installer menu is exited now

Switch off battery and transformer and reconnect to restart panel

Create account at
Add dynamic hostname

most new router have a build in dns update facility
Add your example details to router

Setup your Texecom App
Tap the + sign on right to add site
App will now show list of items to setup.

Start with Site details
Add site name and summary, press back on app

On menu select IP details
Enter ip address for IPcom if static and on local wifi
or enter the hostname as created at

Enter Host port as 10001

Tap back

Select Security details in menu
UDL password ie we made 1523
the other fields is left blank
tap back

Select User menu
Enter your user code - ie 5678 - default master code
User ID is 01 (master code used)

Tap back and back again

Tap on site and tap connect to Site

Tap on keypad or smartkey
The keypad will be a fully functional keypad
The smartkey is quick functions only

For WINTEX software

When creating a new account or editing an account, window that shows Edit Account Details select Panel details
Fill in UDL Password - 1532
To the right there is Network details
Enter Host Address: or fill in your host name
Host Port: 10001
Click OK
You are now ready to connect to Wintex

noip setup
wintex setup

You will be able to use the Texecom app or the TPA Security app
The TPA app will be easier to setup and use however

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