Author Topic: Paravision beams settings  (Read 439 times)


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Paravision beams settings
« on: January 18, 2019, 09:31:20 AM »
How to set jumpers on the Paravision strip beams.
If incorrectly set the beam will not function correctly.
Do not convince yourself the beam is at fault!

See image for jumper settings.

Both beams need to have the same setting.
Range setting: Short, Medium, Long range
The jumper must be set for transmitter and receiver side.
If there are more sets of beams installed on same wall that the other receivers can see, use sync wire between receiver and transmitter.
If the range is less than 10 meters, remove the link completely on SML jumper
S = 10-30m, M = 30-60m, L = 60-100M
Transmitter and receiver must be installed level with each other, using on slopes will not have the desired outcome.
Make sure the power from a set is being powered from the same negative common.
Long distances, check wiring to make sure there will be enough current and above 12Vdc to power the beams - ie use 0.5mm cable for power.
Up to 5 sets to be connected to a separate power supply.
The connection terminals must always be at the bottom end of beam and not top.

Also test the tamper switch that is closes the circuit if the tamper is pressed in, this is vital to the operation of the beam.