Programming remotes into MG5050

This area is for Paradox systems like EVO192 and Magellan range
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Re: Programming remotes into MG5050

Post by Chris »

Not sure how active this forum is, hopefully you can help?

I recently bought 2 wireless door contacts (dctxp2) for my mg5050. When I programme the contacts I have no problems, master key, go to 065, press the tamper button, keypad recognises it immediately and then I assign a zone.

The problem I have now is the status always stays open, doesn't matter what I do.

Any ideas?
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Re: Programming remotes into MG5050

Post by Pierre »

Check following
Go into programming mode using installer code
punch in 065 to select wireless zone 5 serial number
Confirm serial number is correct

if serial is correct punch clear clear
or else put in correct serial and press enter, clear, clear

Then punch in 005 to program zone 5 zone definition
See table 9 page 17 in manual
example for an instant zone (08) in partition 1 (01) it will display:


press enter and then clear clear to exit programming

(123****8) = zone options - leave as is for typical zone

The above is for using a door contact with the magnet part
The magnet center must line up with the raised triangle indication mark on the side of the contact

Should the door contact be for an exterior passive or using the wired inputs on the contact the last digit of the serial number gets a +1
example serial is 241274 would become 241275

Hope this helps
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