Paradox MG5050 Programming Wired and Wireless

Wired and Wrieless Zones

This area is for Paradox systems like EVO192 and Magellan range
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Paradox MG5050 Programming Wired and Wireless

Post by brentaccobra »

I have the following System:

MG5050 with SPZX8 and a IP 150+. 2 x Panels TM50 and K32LCD and 1 x RPT1.

I loaded the new Version of Babyware on to my control PC and this overwrote my alarm confiuration. I reinstlled the older version, and have reprogramed my panle, but have some issues.

1. Do i need to use the EOL setting in the zones config?

2. two of my wired zones are showing as open, all the time, but worked in the previous config.

3. two of my wireless Units a PMD85 and a DCPXT2 are also showing as open. I added them to the system with the serial numbers, as the option to add the units to the panel using the TM50 doesn not show on the panel.

Any idea why the 4 zones will be shoing as open?
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Re: Paradox MG5050 Programming Wired and Wireless

Post by Pierre »

1) EOL is selectable option, if you already have resistors in devices then it should stay on
Recommend all devices use the EOL resistors

2) Check resistors to be 1Kohm(the turquoise greenish color) if used
Check zone wiring
Use a multi meter and test the zone wiring at the control panel to determine the resistance on the zone wires

3) Wireless zones stays open for only a few reasons
a) System was restarted and panel did not detect at least one signal from that zones - so move in front of all sensors and open/close all doors with sensors.
b) Out of range - sensors is too far, do a wireless signal strength test - page19 -Wireless Transmitter Signal Strength
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