Alarm Gate Contact

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Alarm Gate Contact

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Mounting a heavy duty door contact(roller shutter contact) to a gate motor.
The following will show you how easy it is to monitor your gate status.

Firstly assess and check where the contact will line up to the magnet without interfering with gate or gate motor.
Make sure the gap between the 2 parts will not exceed around 30mm

Drill and mount magnet part.
Mark contact to be center of magnet on gate motor housing, use 4mm hole for bolts and nuts and 8mm for wire harness.

Once this is securely mounted, hardwire to alarm control panel or use wireless door contact with wired input.(Sherlo PIR transmitter and receiver can also be used as wireless option)
For Paradox wireless can use the 2WPGM. The 2WPGM have got 1 x zone input as well as a dry relay contact to open/close gate - range limited to 30 Meters from panel or RTX3

Once completed you will know if someone opened your gate or gate cover is removed
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