Programming Instore

Instore Programing
We have developed a programming station for clients who need panel programming due to demand.
You can use the station in our store to update the firmware on all of your devices
This is necessary to stay up to date not only with newly developed sensors, but also because firmware can occasionally fix problems with equipment and significantly enhance their functionality.
Users using Paradox will be able to program and upgrade firmware using the Babyware software and the USB307 Module.
Users using Texecom will be able to access event logs and programming using the Wintex software in addition to the Premier Elite USB-Com.
Both the IDS Swift and the IDS X64 Programmer will be available to IDS users for programming.
Users using SMX with SMS modules You may reprogram the gadget by coming in with your SMS module, RDC SMX.
While there will be in-store assistance available, please make sure you are familiar with the necessary software before attempting.
Utilize programming guides to become acquainted with terms that are utilized.
Welcome to the public and installers.
There will be a fee for printing event logs on paper.
If you need manuals, you can ask a salesperson to send you a PDF copy through WhatsApp Business. 
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