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What products do I need to order?

How difficult could it be fitting my own alarm system?
Once setup terms is understandable like selecting entry delay zones or stay zones you are well on your way installing and programming your security system

It is however strongly recommended that a LCD - Liquid Crystal Display keypads is used doing this to give the end user a more detailed programming setup with the possibility of less setup errors
Using LED - light emitting diodes display keypads can complicate programming as data is programmed with binary coding
Take time and read all the manuals supplied. This will give you more insight to the operation of each device and its detection purpose

Planning is key.
Do not rush the installation. Draw picture for item placement. Plan wiring routes whether inside ceiling space or flat roof. Fill in programming manual prior to actual programming.
Post on our forum here, we will answer with detailed solutions or even pictures if needed.
Alarmtec has got great information wealth into alarm systems, if we don\'t know, its likely our suppliers wouldn\'t to.

So let\'s go:
All wiring is done from detectors to control panel - fairly easy as there are little room for errors
If available, program the control panel with a serial connector and laptop

It is proven by professional installers to fully program a complete security system with passives, door contacts and remotes within 60 seconds via a LCD keypad
For complicated installations we highly recommend a capable alarm installer or technician

Alarm Definition
This is a basic definition that has a broad scope. An alarm system is essentially any mechanism or series of mechanisms that trigger an alert that there is a problem in or around the house. A home security alarm can be one of the first lines of defense when it comes to unauthorized invasions

Lets start with security products descriptions and names

Control Panel
This is often referred to as the brain of the security system - all wiring is installed to the control panel
Typical control panel terminal connections - AC - Siren - Keypads - Zones inputs

Controlling and programming alarm system
Uses control panels bus line or data line for communications

Warning Device
Devices like siren, internal sound bomb or flashing strobe light
The warning device is there to alert you or your neighbors of a possible intruder

Passive Infra Red Detector - PIR
Definition: A Passive Infra Red sensor (PIR sensor) is an electronic device that measures infrared (IR) light radiating from objects in its field of view. PIR sensors are often used in the construction of PIR-based motion detectors.
Apparent motion is detected when an infrared source with one temperature, such as a human, passes in front of an infrared source with a different temperature, such as a wall

All objects emit what is known as black body radiation. It is usually infrared radiation that is invisible to the human eye but can be detected by electronic devices designed for such a purpose. The term passive in this instance means that the PIR device does not emit an infrared beam but merely passively accepts incoming infrared radiation

Magnetic Door Contact
The reed switch is an mechanical switch operated by an applied magnetic field
An example of a reed switch application is to detect the opening of a door or window

This is used to supply the control panel with a constant supply of electricity which plugs into the house mains supply
The transformer is used to reduce the high voltage to a lower and safer working voltage

Backup Battery
Provides standby power to the security system in the event of a power failure
It is recommended to make use of 8Ah 12 volt Gel type battery which is to be replaced every 2 years for optimum performance and backup
System backup should be in the range of 6 hours
Note that a backup battery might get damaged when the voltage has completely been drained after a very long power interruption especially lead acid batteries

Wireless Devices
Wireless detectors and devices that is battery powered
Battery life span can range up to 4 years depending on operation
Wireless devices is making use of frequency - 433Mhz or 868Mhz(newer type)

Also referred to as garden beams
Very stable and reliable
Making use of dual beams to stabilize and combat false alarms created by birds etc. crossing path
Ranges up to 200 meter distances

Outdoor Passives - PIR
Same principal as normal passives - environment needs to be stable - no moving trees, branches or bushes as it will cause false alarms
Outdoor passives is usually PET friendly from 15Kg - 40Kg
Placement should be seriously considered as it could a lot of unwanted false alarm activation
Takex and Optex outdoor passives comes highly recommended for outdoor use

Expansion Modules
Remote expansion modules is mostly fitted for larger installations and zone requirements
Most control panels comes standard with 8 onboard zones - expander modules allows the alarm system to be expanded in a series of 8 zones per module but limited to maximum allowed zones per control panel
This also eases installation whereby a couple of detectors is connected to the expander module and minimizing the amount of expensive multi-core cabling required to the control panel
Module operates from keypad wires

Remote Controls
Remote controls these days is safe to use whereby it utilizes rolling code or code hopping technology making the remote control secure against possible remote duplication
Remotes can be used in many ways to make you secure
When entering premises you open the gate, switch on/off outside lights, arm/disarm alarm system, open garage doors, panic button or even switching individual sensors such as beams on and off

Control Room
A control room is a center where by many alarm systems signals is received and monitored, the reaction officer is notified of the type of signal and address to react to
The most common type of signals include panic, burglary, open/close events, electric fence activation and AC fail - loss of power
Every radio transmitter connected to an alarm system have got its own unique radio number or frequency, thus preventing duplicate numbers
Note that a radio licence fee needs to be paid to the monitoring company annually according to ICASSA regulations
Once your system is fully functional the alarm system could be connected to any reaction company via radio (mostly used) or telephone line for more detailed reporting(analogue ready - ADSL requires interface)

To assemble a complete alarm system you would at minimum require the following components:
Control Panel - at least one keypad - transformer - backup battery - siren - detection devices
Any of the detection components and devices requires at least 4 core cable wiring

Early detection of a intruder
Installing perimeter electric fencing
Outdoor beams
Outdoor sensors and passives Contacts on sliding gates

Is an alarm system really necessary?
It has been reported that South Africa has got the highest crime rate in the world - even greater than countries in war.
Most of the times when we have fitted a new security system the damage was already done, sad to say whether mentally or physically

We have seen more and more customers spending considerate amounts of money, not for insurance purposes but for their own family safety and peace of mind
Regularly test your alarm system with the control room, even after a alarm technician done a complete system service checkup
Alarm systems is not a toy.
All the alarm systems components listed on our site whether wired or wireless is of the absolute highest quality available to you.
Items we distribute is well known by professional alarm installers, top rated and backed by our manufacturers and suppliers
An armed response company is absolutely essential. Join neighborhood watches and be alert of suspicious activities in your street.
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