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Centurion G-Speak Ultra


R 3,280.74
15% VAT incl.

This is the upgraded unit from the G-speak classic

The G-SPEAK  Ultra promotes the ultimate in convenience and peace of mind by combining wireless GSM technology with CENTURION’s futuristic and stylish ULTRA interface. Infused with the DNA of innovation, the G-SPEAK ULTRA allows wireless communication between the user and the intercom gate station, effectively turning the user’s phone into the intercom handset.

Features and benefits:
Wireless convenience
You know how people are always saying ‘less is more’? Well, when it comes to less wiring, we believe that less is less: less money, less time and less effort, that is! With the G-SPEAK ULTRA 2G GSM-based intercom system, your phone acts as the intercom handset so there is no need for expensive cable runs back to the house.

Up the security ante
With the G-SPEAK ULTRA system, you can answer your intercom from anywhere in the world1, giving the appearance that you are always home. This greatly enhances security and acts as a deterrent to would-be intruders. In addition, only learned-in, authorised phones are able to access the system. PLUS! Remotely monitor activity on your G-SPEAK ULTRA by viewing transaction logs online or downloading them onto your computer with CENTURION’s convenient and user-friendly web interface, G-WEB PLUS.

Open your gate from anywhere.
The G-SPEAK ULTRA system offers up to 100 users the ability to open an entrance gate from anywhere in the world via a Missed Call, SMS, Please Call Me or your phone’s keypad. You don’t need to compromise the security of your home by giving your garden services or repair personnel keys or remotes; you can give them limited access even if you’re chilling on a beach in the Bahamas! The new and improved G-WEB PLUS online interface makes it easier than ever before to suspend and enable users, taking all the hassle out of user administration. You are firmly in control.

Control and Monitor
With the G-SPEAK ULTRA, we’re giving you the ability to monitor and control up to four channels, independently configurable as either inputs or outputs. Receive SMS, Missed Call or email notifications on your mobile of events such as:
Gate left open
Infrared Safety Beams obstructed
Alarm activated
Mains power failed
Control up to four different devices via a Missed Call (free), Please Call Me (free) your phone’s keypad or SMS, for example:
Open your gate from anywhere in the world
Switch a pool pump on or off
Control a geyser or generator
Activate irrigation systems
Switch on lights
Arm an alarm

Comes with a Vodacom sim card, if expired you need to use your own RICA registered sim card.

  • Available from:Friday 30 April, 2021


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