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Roboguard Beams Kit-3

Model: ROBO-HQ-KIT-3

R 12,190.00
15% VAT incl.

Roboguard HQ kit with 4 x Beams
Kit includes:
1 x Roboguard HQ receiver 
4 X Roboguards
1 x 12V Power supply
1 x Tele-cable
4 x Mounting brackets
Includes batteries
A battery-operated, dual-sensor, outdoor movement detector designed to detect intruders and wirelessly transmit the information to a Roboguard Base station (HQ) 
A portable 8 zone, 4 output, base-station used to receive and announce signals from up to 8 Roboguard Sensors.
This product contains the following items:
RoboGuard HQ controller1 x  (RoboGuardHQ) RoboGuard HQ controller R 1,534.93
15% VAT incl.
RoboGuard Outdoor Beam4 x  (ROBOGUARD-V) RoboGuard Outdoor Beam R 2,626.60
15% VAT incl.
Roboguard XP HQ Charger1 x  (ROBOGUARD-PSU) Roboguard XP HQ Charger R 155.04
15% VAT incl.
Roboguard HQ-Cord1 x  (HQ-CABLE) Roboguard HQ-Cord R 39.81
15% VAT incl.

Cost of separate parts: R 12,236.18

15% VAT incl.
You save R 46.18


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