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Paravision Wireless 4-30 Strip Beam 433Mhz

Model: PARAVISION-4-30M-433MHZ

R 2,815.20
15% VAT incl.

Paravision wireless 433Mhz 4 Strip Beam up to 30 meters distance
Use only with Paradox 433Mhz wireless systems

The wireless IR strip Beam is designed to assist with the protection of home entry points such as windows and doors.
Easy installation with no wiring needed to the control panel. This model can only be used with Paradox Wireless panel MG5050 or using the RTX3 receiver (EVO and SP6000)

1. Wire-free design, easy to install and operate.
2. Low voltage consumption, long battery life.
3. Fully-sealed PC tube adopted, well against dust or water.IP65 approved.
4. Battery Supervision
5. Paradox Compatible wireless.
6. Channel Frequencies adjustable to avoid cross talk.

Alarm current: 0.3mA
Battery life: 2 years
Maximum distance: 30 meters
Interruption period: ≤40ms/500ms
Dimensions: 650mm(L) x 39mm(W) x 39mm(H)
Waterproof grade: Interruption of any two IR Beams
Working mode: RX<220uATX<270uA
Paradox 433Mhz transmitter


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